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The Titleist Pro V1 Mixture may contain but not limited to 2014 and older year model Pro V1 golf balls. Please Note: This mix will not contain a set percentage of each model.

The Titleist Pro V1 Mixture may contain but not limited to 2014 and older year model Pro V1 golf balls. These model golf balls feature the Tour-validated technology and performance with a spherically tiled dimple design. The Pro V1 is a three piece golf ball. The ProV1 has a softer feel, more spin, and a higher trajectory than that of the Pro V1x. Please Note: This mix will not contain a set percentage of each model.
Product ratings
Surprising how good the quality is
The Pro V's were in mint condition as promised. Very satisfied with my order.
In excellent condition
These balls are in real good shape, only thing ,i would of taught that their would have been more newer gold balls, lots of old style balls... prov 1 “392”
Golf balls are great. Very fast delivery. Will definitely order from here again.
All in great shape.
Good quality
Balls in good shape, perfect for a mid handicap golfer. Can’t beat the price.
Mint condition looks as good as brand new.
As advertised.
Good quality
Nice some where less than near mint.
everything they said they would b
Just as advertised.
Great condition, love the product!
Average, a few of these looked a bit tired and included an occasional scuff mark.
All good really fast delivery

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