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The new TaylorMade TP5x is the third generation of "The Most Complete Tour Ball in Golf". What's new in the 2021 model is Tour Flight Dimple Pattern, a 322-dimple design that features a shallow overall dimple to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag during ascent. On the descent, steep walls trap air in order to maintain lift, keeping the ball in the air for longer. All of this results in explosive carry distances where you need it, which is likely on every hole.
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Thoroughly impressed. Bought 5 dozen Mint 2021 TP5Xs and not a single one is bad. I would game every ball in my club championship this summer. The logos or lines are worth the savings, and they're absolutely negligible. Shipment was super fast, too. - Jesse, Bear Mountain
The balls I received were pretty good I did receive about 8 balls that I would were probably not Mint but near mint as they had some fairly rough marks on them and 1 had a large yellow mark like a tree mark. I understand things get missed but they are charging a fairly good price for these balls and if they say they are mint they should be. I will definitely buy again but I may purchase the 5A Pristine balls next time if the price is right.

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