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Keep your shots on line with ease while playing Maxfli StraightFli Green Golf Balls. Laboratory and robot testing proves StraightFli golf balls travel 20% straighter than previous Maxfli models for unprecedented performance gains. A unique Find the Fairway™ dimple pattern utilizes 374 large and small dimples in stacked and packed patterns to reduce lift and increase accuracy. The soft Ionomer blend cover formulation unlocks superior feel and control around the green.


Maxfli’s straightest golf ball promotes more accurate ball flight for improved overall performance

Laboratory and Robot testing proves StraightFli travels 20% straighter than previous Maxfli golf balls

Find the Fairway™ Dimple Pattern utilizes 374 large and small dimples in stacked and packed patters for reduced lift

Soft Ionomer blend cover formulation enables excellent greenside spin for greater feel and control

2-piece construction provides an optimal blend of distance and accuracy
Matte Green cover coloration for enhanced visibility and shot tracking

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