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Titleist 2022 AVX yellow golf balls are for those wishing to leverage cutting-edge technology to take their game to the next level. All the fantastic qualities of the original Titleist golf balls have been enhanced to deliver a low, piercing flight for longer distances, as well as an incredibly soft feel. Additionally, precise control is built to boost your game. With its low flight and iron spin paired with an incredibly soft feel, the new Titleist AVX golf ball gives you the best performance possible to advance your golf game in ways you can't imagine. The new AVX golf balls are engineered with high-performance materials to produce a more satisfying feel than previous Titleist balls without sacrificing the exceptional distance and low-long game spin that the AVX offers.

Optimal Performance
Titleist is one of the most trusted brands in golf, and their AVX golf balls are a testimony to their commitment to quality. These golf balls revolutionize the way you play the game. 2022 AVX's new core formulation generates optimal performance like players have never seen. The high flex casing layer promotes increased ball speed and low spin on long shots, resulting in a more extended flight with more control. In other words, you’ll have impressive control as you approach the green. Titleist AVX golf balls feature extremely high accuracies and tightest tolerances, giving you the same technologies used by top Tour players. Its precision blends a more stable ball flight and better green-side spin control.

Game-Changing Results
The new AVX golf balls are designed with the tour player in mind. The high-performance urethane cover helps give you that extra distance off the tee while maintaining excellent control overall. Throw in its playability around the green, and it's clear that this ball delivers an exceptional experience from tee-off to your final putt. No matter your level of gameplay, there's no denying how much easier it will be to shave strokes off your round with this game-changing golf ball from Titleist.

Features of the Titleist AVX Golf Balls:
- Longer Distance
- Increased Green-side Spin and Control
- Softer Feel
- New core formulation generates high speed and low long-game spin
- High flex casing layer promotes high ball speed and low spin on long shots

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