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The Srixon Z-STAR Yellow is the ultimate multilayered golf ball, designed for the player looking for a tour proven ball with great feel and distance control. The high-performance standard found in Srixon products is evident in every detail of this ball, from the 324 aerodynamic Invisiseam dimple design to the thin, ultra-soft urethane cover, this ball is the next standard against which all balls will be measured.

Tuned to increase distance on the driver while providing unparalleled stopping power on approach shots.

Designed to produce an aggressive ball flight that maximizes distance regardless of weather conditions. High ball speed is maintained for a longer period of time during flight.

Developed to maximize the energy transfer to the ball for more ball speed resulting in greater distance.

Configured to provide great touch and feel greenside. In addition, the ball is responsive on full shots that need to be shaped.

How it Compares
The Z-STAR is a high-performance multilayered ball with low compression and extremely soft feel. This offering is the softer of the two Z-STAR balls which provides exceptional feel around the greens and distance control with the putter. This ball performs best with driver swing speeds between 80mph and 105 mph.

This may contain a mixture of different year models.

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Product ratings
Not happy with the quality of them. 5A should be near new. If thats your best quality then its not worth it, better to buy new.

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