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The Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball features a tour urethane cover and Dual SoftFast Core to increase distance while maintaining a soft feel. The HEX aerodynamics allow a lower, more penetrating ball flight to produce longer carry. The Tri-ionom

Product ratings
Few discoloured balls in the batch but good price
Good quality
These balls are in great shape and really as advertised. I will never go back to brand new balls again with this deal.
Very happy with the order. Exactly what I expected
Mostly like new!
This batch was in better condition than my last one. Very happy with the product.
Just received so havent played them yet but they look brand new... cant wait!
For the price, the condition of these 4A balls are great !!!!!
Considering I ordered Mint balls, they were not as white as I expected.
I will not use another ball than this. Much straighter off my driver and puts wonderful. It is wet still and I am having some problems with inconsistency in the 70-80 yards out. I do expect it is user error and I will settle in with them as the year goes on.
Colouring is not as bright as I expected.
These balls I would probably rate as 4A mint. There was some discoloration and some pen markings on several balls. All however no scuffed balls at all. Again I’m very picky and I understand that Callaway Chrome balls discolour a little quicker then other brands
Very good, few marks but as described.
As advertised
I have used 2 of the balls. They performed very well indeed... Even if they were a bit discoloured.
Like new
great ball, great valuel

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