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The Titleist Pro V1 is a high-performance golf ball that has been part of the company's product lineup for several years. Prior generations of the Pro V1 include:

  • Pro V1X (original release)
  • Pro V1X (2016)
  • Pro V1X (2018)

Each generation of the Pro V1 has featured slight design and technology improvements over the previous version. The original Pro V1 and Pro V1x were designed to provide distance, control, and soft feel. Later versions like Pro V1 2020, Pro V1x 2020, Pro V1 2021, Pro V1x 2021 have been designed to enhance feel, control and distance even more.

Pro V1 and Pro V1x are considered as one of the best golf ball in the market for players who prioritize feel and distance while playing. Titleist is known for producing high-quality golf balls, and the Pro V1 and Pro V1x are considered as reliable and consistent options for golfers looking for a soft feel and good distance.

It's worth mentioning that Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are available in different models and generations, with different features and technology.

Please Note: This mix will not contain a set percentage of each model.

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