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Bridgestone Tour B X Mindset 2024

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Unleash peak performance with the 2024 Bridgestone Tour B X Mindset golf ball. The Reactiv urethane cover ensures powerful distance off the tee and unmatched control on approach shots. This ball is engineered for golfers who demand the perfect blend of precision and power.

Precision Engineered
Powered by the Gradational Compression Core, the Tour B X Mindset maximizes energy transfer, providing impressive distance and a consistent feel. The SlipRes cover adds finesse, optimizing greenside control.

Seamless Excellence
Experience aerodynamic brilliance with Seamless Cover Technology, delivering a consistent flight and reduced drag. With a soft feel on impact, the Tour B X Mindset offers the perfect feedback for ultimate control. Elevate your game with Bridgestone's latest golf ball innovation.

Features of the 2024 Bridgestone Tour B X Mindset Golf Ball:
  • Ideal for players with swing speeds over 105 MPH
  • REACTIV X System combines REACTIV IQ Smart Cover technology with XCLRNT mid-layer
  • REACTIV X System creates intensified rebound on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance
  • REACTIV X System stays on the face longer on approach shots, providing more spin and soft feel around the green.
  • New Mindset print offers golfers a focus point to enhance players' mental game

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