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Bridgestone Tour B RX 2020

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Quality: 5A Pristine (1 Dozen)
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Why You Should Buy Used Bridgestone Tour B RX Mix Golf Balls

Bridgestone offers a golf ball for every player type. The new Bridgestone TOUR B RX is the perfect combination of both distance and spin. Before the introduction of this golf ball, players had to decide if distance or high spin meant more to their game. Luckily, Bridgestone has solved this problem with their new REACTIV cover on the TOUR B RX.

Great Distance with Plenty of Spin
This is a three-piece golf ball with a core compression of 66. The Bridgestone TOUR B RX golf ball will work best for the player who swings slower than 105 miles per hour. Low to mid-handicap players will be able to appreciate the feeling that this golf ball offers. Getting a ball that will stop on a green while also providing enough spin for long distance off the tee can be a rare find. Luckily this Bridgestone Tour B RX offers it all.

Product ratings
quality balls
Great value. The golf balls were in pristine condition and should suit my game perfectly. I am anticipating getting on the course this spring to test them out.
I picked a ball that I thought was personalize but when i received the order the ball was blank. I questioned why the ball was blank I was told that personalized balls can't be done on premium balls i had to choose a lesser quality ball for personalization and had to pay extra even thought i got a lesser quality ball Somehow that was not right. On exchanging order a $10 was added
OK so it didn’t go perfect at first but they made it better than perfect so five stars all the way. First time I ordered the balls were excellent but this time they had markings on them I didn’t think qualified them as 5a so I complained Well they agreed and fixed problem - gave me pristine balls Very happy in the end Will be back
They seem to travel a good distance. Doesn't spin much. I like them
Has great playability and at a good price
Can't beat used, premium golf balls for these prices!
good look and quality
all balls were mint 5A as stated could not find a flaw in any of the balls
Product as described. Very good conditions.
just as expected excellent
Overall I'm satisfied - a few new Tour B RX mixed in but also 1 or 2 with gouges or scrapes that fall short of the 5A rating.

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